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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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prepreliminary one woman who made it out safely with her children and pets said her home -- one woman who made it out safely with letter children and pets said her home was destroyed, but was looking on the bright side. >> i'm glad i didn't do the dishes. it's a waste of time. >> it's just bizarre. four hours ago, i was in my house doing what i normally do and now i don't have that house anymore. we'll get another house and we'll be fine. >> fire crews in ventura say they are at 0% containment with more than 1,000 firefighters battling the fire from the ground and air. crews from alameda, marin and san mateo counties are all lending a hand to fight these fires. >> here is a live look at the thomas fire. this helicopter is over the city of ventura. you can see how close the flames are to homes there. as we mentioned, already 150 structures have been destroyed. you have 1 thus thousand firefighters on the -- 1,000
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firefighters on the line. the problem very, very strong winds in southern california and the winds are going to continue the next several days. bottom line, it looks like the situation there is going to get worse before it gets better. hillary vaughn is on the fire lines in ventura county. hillary, you spoke to people. she spoke to people who watched neighborhoods go up in flames. >> we're actively involved in aggressively protecting homes. >> fast moving and explosive. >> everything is gone. >> a pair of wind-fueled wildfires have already destroyed hundreds of buildings and homes including a psychiatric hospital as they continued to burn north and west of los angeles. >> it's a huge hit. i've been an owner for 40 years here and it's just crazy what's gone on. >> good friends up the street lost their homes and i'm just so sad for them. i'm happy for myself and those of us who kept their homes, but it's awful. >> the fire is triggering widespread power outages and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people
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including the entire campus of thomas aquinous college. >> the high wind speeds that we are experiencing impact the operation of our helicopters. >> fueled by fierce, dry, santa ana winds with gusts well over 60 miles per hour, the larger of the two major fires began monday in ventura county and in just hours grew to more than 70 square miles charring tens of thousands of acres. >> it makes things very much difficult because we are chasing the fire. we are chasing the fire trying to get ahead it have. >> california's governor has declared a state of emergency in ventura county with flames burning in several cities there. >> the fact we have this fire and the devastating fire in ventura county is definitely tapped. the resources throughout the region. >> smoke from the fire now has authorities issuing health alerts warning l.a. residents to stay inside. in ventura county, california, hillary vaughn, fox news. there are two other big fires burning near the thomas
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fire tonight. here you can see where firefighters are battling the creek and rye fires. both are located in los angeles county. the rye fire is threatening hundreds of homes on the edge of los angeles. it started around 9:30 this morning in the sant santa clarita -- santa clarita area. it has forced the closure of interstate five in both directions and another fire has destroyed at least 11 homes and injured two firefighters. the creek fire has now burned 11,000 acres in san fernando valley and forced mandatory evacuations in parts of sylmar and lakeview terrace. the dry conditions and powerful winds in southern california are expected to fan these flames on all of these fires making the battle that much tougher for firefighters. i want to show you another live look right now from a helicopter above the thomas fire. 150 structures have burned, a thousand firefighters are battling this fire and
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thousands of people have been evacuated as this fire broke out late yesterday. those santa ana winds are fueling the flames. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin now in the weather center. at sunset and sunrise is when these winds get stronger, is that right? >> yeah, typically the winds really pickup like around here when we have our offshore winds, it's usually after midnight they really get going in the early morning hours. it looks like two fires here. we're looking at a lot of smoke too. that is no clouds down there. that is all smoke you are seeing. winds continue to blow in the 50-60-mile-per-hour range. as the evening comes, not only do the winds pickup, but the smoke settles down and it creates -- the cooler air as it gets cooler, the air sinks. it sinks that smoke and one of the things we can point at here of concern is that this red flag warning, high wind advisories from santa barbara all the way to the mexican border are in effect pretty much through friday, that's thursday, friday. you can see the whole state
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basically is getting hit with these offshore winds and it dips more extreme in this area because it is just the way the configuration, the topography of the land there. you get a lot of down sloping. wind gusts up to 50-60 miles per hour. that thing spread last night like nobody's business and we can look at some of the current wind speeds and you can see that's the radar soup. i had the radar on because i was trying to pickup signature for the fire. you can actually see a little -- it's actually a smoke signature. if you look here, we have winds gusting 65 miles per hour at piru. i've never seen that before. malibu has winds at 56 miles per hour. this points out something. this is away from the fire zone. san fernando 56-mile-per-hour winds. 78-mile-per-hour winds in san fernando. it looks like an elevation post there. that tells me that all of southern california is primed
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for potentially what we are seeing in ventura. that is what's scary here. in other words, what's happening here could happen 50 miles to the south because the conditions are essentially the same. here you're seeing a live picture shot. again, scale is hard to get on these fires this time of day, but i can tell you those trees are at least 100 feet high and those flames are lapping up and you've got strong winds continuing to below in that area as we pull back and you can't -- we talked about it last night. you can't -- you don't fight -- some of these fires you don't fight like coffey park. you don't fight it. you get out of the way and get people out of the way which is what they did in ventura. >> i think you touched on this. one of the issues here is these santa ana winds are going west toward the water and pushing the flames toward populated areas as opposed to pushing the flames east where it's not as populated. >> and that's our offshore wind, land to sea. that is -- they are santa ana winds, land to sea. you're right. i looked at these areas and
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bayes there's a lot of -- there's a lost population centers. a few years ago we had a fire in malibu and it swept down and it comes out of those hills which are not that populated, but comes down to the city. malibu, orange county, they are under the gun tonight and tomorrow night. it's definitely -- because of the duration, this thing isn't over in a night. it will be a few nights. >> i don't remember them typically lasting like a week. this is going to stretch you said through friday poe continuation -- potentially through friday? >> yeah, that's what's so unique here. is it unusual to have big fires like this in december or thanksgiving or november? kind of, but it happens. we've seen southern california do this before in december and even in january and february believe it or not. northern california not so much. you're right, julie. exactly that. it's not over tonight. it's not over tonight. >> we were talking to a reporter who was in the city of
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ventura earlier today and he was saying that one of the issues with the winds is that they can't get the airplanes up to drop the fire retardant. he says the helicopters can fly, but they just have water buckets. it's those big planes, that dc- 10rbgs, 747 -- dc-10, 747 who can drop it. they can't fly because the winds are so strong. >> think about the fires in the north bay. we waited patiently and the next day the winds died downed and they started flying. that made such a differencement i don't know what the criteria are for flying those things, but they are going to have a hard time getting off the ground on the fixed wings because the winds are going to continue to do this gusting back and forth mornings and evenings and even in the afternoons and now you're getting into air quality issues too because the smoke is blowing -- >> there's just a ton of smoke. >> yeah, it's blowing towards populated areas. air quality is becoming unhealthy as well. hopefully, they can contain it to the couple fires, but my biggest thought -- concern is if this thing starts going, if
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it starts popping, not this fire or another fire takes off in san diego county and another fire because the conditions are prevalent throughout that southern california -- literally 200, 300-mile square area that have conditions that are red flag. >> the rye fire, the creek fire and hopefully they don't have yet another fire break out. >> bill, we'll check back with you in a little bit. thank you. the fires in southern california quickly overwhelmed the fire departments there. bay area fire crews have been heading south throughout the day. ktvu is in the city tonight where firefighters left this afternoon. tom? >> with just about an hour's notice, the san francisco contingent of five engines actually had just about an hour's notice and they left two hours later on their way south to los angeles county to what is called the creek fire. the fact of the matter is this is going on throughout northern california and even in other states. it's a huge migration really of men, women and material.
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>> cal fire says knowing this large wind event was coming, it prestaged air and ground forces in southern california on monday to have them closer to any event that might occur. that now includes two cal fire incident management teams. one for the thomas fire in ventura county and the other for the creek fire in los angeles county. local fire agencies began preparing and prestaging on sunday. mass mutual aid was declared last night causing units from the bay area such as this 44- member, 10-engine strike team from marin as well as from the rest of the state or other states to respond. this contingency will be on the lines late this afternoon for this hellacious fire. >> we just actually laid off a lot of our seasonal firefighters. we had to bring them back this morning when we got news of the ventura fires. >> battalion chief says because more high winds are expected this week, this is just the first wave for wind-driven
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fires that could be worse than those in wine country. >> the winds were 70 at the highest. this is 80, 60-80 for five days. it was one day. this is five days. >> we expect more orders and requests throughout the day, so we'll continue to fill orders as they get processed through the northern operation center in north ops. >> with some of cal fire's northern california tanker and helicopter fire attack bases closed for the winter, their planes were sent to mcclellan field in sacramento for their usual tear downs and rebuilds. planes or helicopters finished or those awaiting work are available for the firefight. in fact, two s-10 retardant tankers are already in the fight and four more will be on- site today. cal fire says it's already contracted for large retardant tankers such as the 747 super tanker and this dc-10 already in the area plus additional large tanker planes and
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helicopters available. >> the same burning conditions are present throughout all southern california so we are ready to divert to another fire. >> this is becoming a regular thing for all california firefighters now. >> we've been going out every year six, seven, eight times and it seems like it's more and more and this is unusual for this late in the season. >> here is the beauty of mutual aid. as you can see, there's still plenty of fire trucks here. the overwhelming majority of fire trucks in northern california are still up here and as crews wear out their 10 days tours, they will be brought back and more crews will be sent if that is necessary, but even if there is something big that happened here, we can still call on mutual aid from other agencies which have yet to get into any fight at all. reporting live, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, thank you. still to come here, anger in the bay area and across the country after a not guilty verdict for the man charged with killing kate steinle. today, the man in charge of prosecuting the case took full responsibility for the verdict.
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also, a body found on a high school campus in the south bay. coming up, details about the homicide investigation now under way. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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happening now, thousand of city workers in oakland who walked off the job this morning are now planning to picket a re- election fundraiser tonight for oakland mayor libby shaft. nearly 3,000 workers say they plan to strike again tomorrow. ktvu rob malcolm joins us live now with more on the labor dispute and which city services are effected. rob? >> that's right, julie. we had quite a crowd down here at city hall representing -- represented from the local unions. they left this area and headed over to mayor's re-election fundraiser which is taking
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place a few blocks away at 11th and broadway. they did say that they would get some information that they would be marching for another day and picketing and they will be meeting here bright and early in the morning to picket for another day and get a fresh start. [ chanting] >> as members from seiu local 1021 pounded the pavement in front of the oakland library, it came to an abrupt end after a long bus ride. >> i think it's difficult for the students as well. all students. they've got to work to pay for their books and tuition, pay for their living. nobody really got time to commute. >> with over -- 2,700 workers on strike, they had to regroup while they read the riot act. >> we regret to be out here and wish the city would have met with us and that could have avoided us having to be on
5:17 pm
strike today. >> hernandez says the strike could have been avoided. at issue raises with an option for nor raises depending -- more raises depending on what type of revenue comes in in the future. the city has agreed to cover the cost of family health care benefits including pension costs. >> we've been informed over the next five years we will see accumulative increase of at least 49% in the city's pension costs. we don't have to make decisions just based on today, but also tomorrow. >> the picketers have a grievance with mandatory overtime and the city's reliance on part-time workers. >> i have a job that's 18 hours a week if i want to make sure i get paid throughout the whole year. if i was to max out the number of hours as a temporary part- time worker early, i'd end up on unemployment. >> while talks continue, public works, library services and all city offices are closed. parking enforcement are also on
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strike, but out of public safety, police, fire, emergency services remain on the job and the head start programs also closed and was also making plans for child care. >> i just had to make necessary changes and get other day care. another day care provider. i'm still able to enjoy my day. i have a great support system. >> talks have ended for the day. city council will be mulling over offers tomorrow in their regular scheduled meetings. the protests continue just down street and we'll be back there live for 7:00. let's send it back to you. >> rob, have they said are they planning to bring in a mediator to these talks? >> yeah, the city we heard today will be mediating with the union. how long these meetings will last, we don't know. we are not getting a lot of details on that end of the negotiation front. >> rob malcolm in oakland tonight. rob, thank you. san francisco district
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attorney formally responded to the verdict in the kate steinle murder case. last thursday, a jury acquitted jose zarate of murder and manslaughter charges for the shooting in 2015 that killed kate steinle as she was walking with her father on pier 14 in san francisco. gas con held a news conference this afternoon saying he takes full responsibility for the prosecution of this controversial case. >> if there was any failure in the presentation and preparation in this case, the responsibility is mine and mine alone. the homicide team in my office worked tirelessly on this case and i hope that their hard work is appreciated even if they were not able to secure a guilty verdict. >> the verdict led to criticisms from across the country and president trump was one of the harshest critics. today, gas conn had a message for the president. >> i think it's important for the president of the united
5:20 pm
states to remember that this is a nation of laws and for it being a nation of laws is we respect the legal process even when the outcome is one we may be unhappy with. >> ktvu aliania gomez was at the district attorney's news conference this afternoon and she'll have more for us during our 6:00 newscast. got a cold night in store tonight. a nice day today. plenty of sunshine. live camera shot showing you out towards obviously the golden gate bridge. i love seeing the scene of the city. >> that is beautiful. >> what i love is look at that. these hills, they -- we didn't develop those. there are some homes up in there, but all that open space that close to an open center like san francisco that's almost a million people and we managed to keep so much beauty especially in that marin county area and along the peninsula. enough of the -- yeah, real estate or not real estate, but a rotary guy or chamber of
5:21 pm
commerce guy. we have plenty of sun for the next few days. we are not going to see rain for awhile. we are definitely in a dry pattern which will be part of the concern for southern california because the dry pattern that's impacting us or the mechanism that's causing our dry pattern is causing their offshore winds, their santa ana wind. their situation lasts right through friday on and off. some strong winds at times and lessened winds at times, but an issue down there. red flag warnings and wind advisories potentially through friday. as you look, the radars are sweeping and they are not going to be seeing much here for the next six, seven, eight days. we are dry. that means pretty cool overnight. the overnight lows will get down there. right now it's not that cool, but in the north bay, santa rosa could go 32. napa 30. frost. freeze warning in effect for the north bay county especially after healdsburg and occidental and a frost advisory out here towards vacaville and davis and
5:22 pm
such. we'll probably continue to see that. it will be cool. there's that freeze warning that runs from marin county north to healdsburg and into the napa valley. it lasts through wednesday morning and that's going to be for temperatures below freezing for more than a little while and there's your sky cover for san francisco tomorrow. late in the day by lunchtime, it's mostly clear and then san francisco ends up daytime high of about 62 degrees again tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. there you go. we'll be talking more about the cold. we'll talk more about the fires of southern california and we'll go looking for some rain next time i see you. >> bill, thank you. still to come here, a man found shot to death just inside the gates of a high school campus in the south bay. in a moment, details about the homicide investigation and how students are dealing with all of this.
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a imagine found shot to -- man found shot to death in san jose right before classes started for the day. henry lee has the latest on the investigation. >> a gruesome discovery at mount pleasant high school in east san jose. >> we received a call from staff member indicating that there was a body found on campus. >> body was found just inside some gates behind the school. authorities say the victim had no connections to the campus. >> it doesn't appear to be a staff member or a student. it appears to be an adult male. >> students were shocked and concerned that their campus would be linked to such violence. >> at a public school too, there are kids that come leer
5:26 pm
and people pass through here all the time and it's just like it's a bad representation of our school. >> some students shared pictures of the body on social media. the school remained open as police investigated. >> i know that this is an area that is traveled by the students as they come to school, so there is a possibility that students did see the body here on campus. >> it was a little too close. way too close to home. >> evon lives next door. she says she heard what she now realizes what was gunfire sunday night. >> it was like pow-pow and sounded like fireworks because there are so many fireworks around here all the time. that was really scary. the officer woke me up to tell me that and i was like what? >> it's another life of a person and i don't understand why somebody would do that here in any situation any why, but -- anywhere, but it's just not right to kill anybody. >> anyone with information is asked to call san jose police. in san jose, henry lee, ktvu
5:27 pm
fox 2 news. coming up, we're keeping a close watch on the fires burning in southern california especially the massive thomas fire that's burning in ventura county. coming up next, we hear from worried homeowners and we'll talk to our anchor ken wayne's sister. she's one of the 27,000 people in southern california who have been forced to evacuate. two people shot in the parking lot of an east bay target store. tonight, target is responding to the violence on its property.
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santa ana winds are driving a huge wildfire in ventura county tonight. the thomas fire has burned at least 150 structures including some large homes. an estimated 27,000 people are under evacuation orders and 50,000 acres have burned. so far there is no indication of the cause of the fire and there is zero containment. the fire grew explosively overnight in very dry conditions with raging santa ana winds. >> the fire broke out northeast of the city of ventura just about 24 hours ago. by this afternoon, there were evacuation orders stretching into ojai and the city of ventura. reporter hal eisner joins us live in ventura county talking with concerned homeowners who have been forced to evacuate. hal, what are they telling you?
5:31 pm
>> >> they are nerve wracked to be quite honest. i live in this county. last night when i went to bed, it was very, very windy. we were over 2,500 acres and buildings that may have been threatened at that point. when i woke up this morning very early, it was 25,000 acres and 150 buildings had already burned. this was a fast-moving fire. it was because of the winds and the people around here took mandatory evacuation orders seriously and they packed up and they got out and here is what some of them told me. >> family is already safe. they're at my husband's shop with the dogs. the clickens and fish and pair keith and the pictures and -- parakeet and pictures and clothes are in my car. >> lots of people in the neighborhood gathered pets and gathered personal possessions and when police came through and told them there was a mandatory evacuation, many left with their things as well as
5:32 pm
their concerns. others stayed hosing off -- behind hosing off rooftops watching homes burn. >> it looks like a majority of those homes have burned. from the roof of my house, i'm watching them burn. it's pretty sad. i lived here since 1990. >> if i talk about it, i can cry. i took what i was going to take and we're praying and as long as we are all ok, you know, i don't know what else to say. it's terrifying. >> i'm thinking it's too close to home. we got mom at home. they shutdown the electricity. she shutdown the water -- they shutdown the water. we're wait to go see what they want us to do -- waiting to see what they wanted us to do. >> how nerve-wracking was it for you? >> the daughter called us and we had no idea and we open the window and see all the glow. it's just been a scary moment. >> yeah, scary moment,
5:33 pm
terrifying for sure. the amazing thing out of all of this is there were no serious injuries, no deaths. it's good to be able to report, but what's not so good to be able to report is we don't know what's next. there is still wind. there are more winds predicted. there are more winds advised for overnight. so, everybody is sort of in a wait and see mode and that means we will wait and see what happens next. we're live in ventura. i'm hal eisner, fox 11 news. >> yeah, what's that i was curious about those winds. is it windy now and as you say, the winds are expected, the santa ana winds are expected to kick up over night? >> well, it's windy right now and, you know, i know i'm on ktvu, but that's what happens. the wind got right into my head and i forgot. the wind is blowing now. the wind is expected to continue to blow overnight. wind advisories remain in effect and right now we just sort of are holding our breath because nobody really wants to
5:34 pm
become complacent when you have a situation like this and a situation like this can explode all over again. all it takes is some of those hot spots out there, a little wind and an ember to fly and they can fly as far as a mile. back to you. >> hal, when the fires -- the fire storms swept through the north bay up in north bay in california, people had no warning. a lot of people had to run for their lives. how much warning did people have down there last night when these fires broke out? >> i think that's the point. we only knew there were 2,500 acres last night and a lot of wind. to think in a few hours it went from 2,500 to 25,000, there were people who suddenly woke up to find flames all around. so, a lot of people didn't get a lot of warning, but a lot of people knew we had high winds, we had fire. they knew this was a bad combination. so, you know, naturally and instinctively, a lot of us who live in fire zone areas know
5:35 pm
what that means. >> how far are the flames from you right now? well, interestingly, right up the hill which you can't see because it's dark, they were really raging up there. that's whereabouts six homes including one condominium complex went down. since then, they settled down and it's not clear to me what area the flames are at this point. it seems to me they would be over in that direction because that's kind of where we're seeing a glow. >> hal eisner in ventura county for us tonight. hal, thank you. our 4:00 anchor ken waynes sister lives in southern california and she and her family had to evacuate from their home in ventura. kohlette is on the phone with us now. from what i understand, you've returned back to your house? >> we are. we're in a voluntary evacuation right now, but the block right next to us is still mandatory evacuation. we came home just to check on things. we have power finally.
5:36 pm
the power had been out all last night. the water has been shut off, so we won't be able to stay here tonight. i have three, small kids. >> where will you go? are there evacuation centers that have been setup for people who are force it had leave -- forced it leave? >> there are so many centers setup, but so many families have opened their homes. you know, all of my friends on facebook who have not been affected personally, their home has not been affected, they've opened their houses. they've put notice out there that anybody is welcome. there are already people organizing trying to take blankets and clothes to the emergency shelters. the churches have opened their doors. the community is really coming together. >> i'm wondering how did you find out about the fire and the need to evacuate and what did you tell your three kids? >> well, actually, i was at a class last night and the class started at 6:30 and it ended up
5:37 pm
at 9:30 and my daughter was baby sitting other kids here at my house and i drove home and another person ran inside to grab something and she got to my house 2:00 after me and said that they had just evacuated the church that we were at which is is.2 miles from our house. behind our houses is the hill and it was boater both sides of the hill -- both sides of the hill coming from the east end and going pass the west and we didn't know which way the winds were going to come. we -- my oldest daughter was still awake, so she helped me pack up some stuff and then we waited a little while longer and we woke my boys up and they were scared. we were actually evacuated two years ago on christmas in a fire, so they were also just
5:38 pm
very scared. they grabbed their -- a couple of their favorite ornaments off the tree and we loaded up the bunny and the tortoise and the dogs and the kids and got in the car and went to a friend's house last night. >> it is an anxious time as you pack up things and check on your house. are you able to see in the hills right now flames from where you are? >> we can't see flames, but we can see glow. i think that -- i can see flames from our house last night and i think our house was saved only because there's a beautiful avocado orchard right behind our house and it's so -- they irrigated it and it's watered well, so i think that's the only thing that saved our home like in our little sub division because right a block away it's utter devastation. >> so, right now as of tonight,coleette, it seems that you're out of danger. just a block away, they are still under mandatory evalaika
5:39 pm
wases? >> -- evacuations? >> yeah, we don't really know because it's not contained at all, so if the winds shift in any capacity, we're right back in harm's way, so i can literally throw a stone to where the mandatory evacuation is to our house to the back of the street, but north of is mandatory evacuated, so we don't feel safe. my kids don't feel safe tonight. they don't want to sleep here by any means, but we have no water. >> we wish you the very best. we appreciate you taking your time. >> thank you. >> you're down there in southern california with your three childrenment be safe down there. thank you. many fire crews from the bay area are now heading south to help crews on the frontlines in southern california. fire agencies in marin county say they have sent 44 firefighters and 10 engines to the area and officials told us crews from palo alto left before 7:00 this morning just hours after getting the call
5:40 pm
for assistance. >> when there's an incident in a certain area, we still have to respond to emergencies that aren't related to the wild land fire, so it's important that those resources allocated to the wild land fire as well as emergencies going on local. >> alameda fire crews also left this morning for southern california. the alameda contingent includes crews from treatment -- fremont, alameda and oakland. we don't know where they will be deployed. stay with us as we learn more about the fire conditions in southern california. ktvu has a crew on the way and we will have more live coverage this evening. police said today they have made an arrest in the shooting that critically injured two people in the parking lot of a targets store in emeryville last night. police say two people were sent to the hospital with gunshot woundsment one of the victims -- wounds. one of the victims was found in the target parking lot near an suv that had bullet holes in the driver side door and
5:41 pm
window. the second shooting victim was found nearby at a lohman depot store. -- home depot store. someone from the home depot store called for help. police did not release the person in custody or provide other key tails about the arrest. -- details about the arrest. no one inside the target show was involved in the shooting or injured. target released a statement saying the company is committed to safety and says "as part of this compliment, we have robust procedures -- commitment, we have pro bust -- robust procedures and commitment and make sure our stores are safe to shop." charged in the death of a redwood city man killed while selling his cell phone last night. they face murder charges for death of daniel carlos shot outside a gas station near slando during a cell phone -- san leandro during a cell phone transaction. they say it was planned as a take and go heist that obviously didn't go as planned.
5:42 pm
both men are being held at santa rita jail. a new option for oakland homeless that gets them out of tents into real structures. why the city believes just one person decided to move in when they open the buildings this afternoon. plus the scandal that just got russia banned from the upcoming winter olympics.
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inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. the winter olympics will miss a key competitor next
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year. russia, the international olympic committee suspended russia from competing in the upcoming games. the decision is a result of the country's stays-sponsored -- state-sponsored doping program. russian athletes can still compete under the title olympic athlete from russia. youtube announced today that it's taking new steps to curb inappropriate content on its platform. the company's ceo says the company would recruit 10,000 people to month rohr youtube for offense -- monitor youtube for offensive content next year. they didn't say houapeu how many people currently monitor it. a forensic pathologist known nationwide for research on effects of concussions on research from football has resigned from his job in san joaquin county. he said he could not continue in his job accusing the sheriff
5:46 pm
of san joaquin county, steve moore, of interfering in death investigations. last week, another forensic pathologies susan -- pathologist iew san parsons re- - susan parsons resigned reclassifying causes of death without consulting physicians and sheriff moore is denying any wrongdoing. >> i would not know the difference between a mayo cardial infax or anything else -- so how would i be able -- else, so would i be able to say do this or do that? >> he famously shot over his research on cte or brain degeneration suffered by pro football players and played by actor will smith in a film about that called "concussion." it is move-in day, but it will take time to ramp up. still ahead why it's expected to take some time for oakland's homeless to move out of tent
5:47 pm
cities and into one of these structures with four walls. it is going to be a chilly one tonight. we'll talk about that freeze warning in the north bay. how that effects you and what you can expect for your wednesday forecast highs. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling
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we're following that breaking news right now. raging wildfires burning in southern california including this one, the thomas fire. it's burning in ventura county. you are looking right now at live pictures of the flames. we just received a bit of new
5:50 pm
information tonight. a fire official tells the associated press he believes that hundreds more homes have been destroyed by this out of control wildfire. earlier today, we learned that 150 structures had already burned. this fire right now is burning at 50,000 acres. a thousand firefighters have been battling this from the air and the ground. right now it is 0% contained. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist. what are the winds like? we saw hal eisner down there. he said it was very windy. >> it is. that's the story. it's wind driven. there's a wind warning. a wind advisory. a red flag warning. this thing has taken off as we noticed it last night and we can look at some of those winds, frank. let me show you some of the winds and we'll go back to the fire pictures because that's compelling stuff, but as you look right in here, these are actual wind observations. away from the fires though, just southern california in general, 67-mile-per-hour winds in piru and 67 miles per hour
5:51 pm
wind by port hueneme which is just at sea level. if you go further back here up towards lancaster, santa clarita, 67 miles per hour. all of southern california is under the gun not just tonight, but tomorrow. let's go back to the live camera. you'll see the thing that strikes you the most of these pictures is look at the smoke plume. that thing is laying down. those winds are oftentimes we'll show you pictures like this. the winds are dying down or in 12 hours the winds will die down, but there's a blow torch. look at the flames. that is a straight up blow torch and it's being compressed by the sinking winds that this thing is running right across the ground. you can see some -- i don't know if those are backfires or what they have done there, but that string that looks like christmas tree lights, but the idea that what you are seeing here is just a blow torch and it's moving so quickly you are not fighting that. you're just getting out of the way. this is just one hot spot in the fire zone. these fires are creating spot
5:52 pm
fires in some cases a quarter mile, a half mile away. yeah, this is what we call -- this is an ongoing, breaking news story not just right now, but through tonight, through tomorrow and it will be a breaking news story again on wednesday and thursday and maybe into friday as well because the weather is creating this environment that is making it tough. as frank pointed out earlier, for fixed wings aircraft to get in here and do drops like we saw with our fires after a day they were able to get in. they are not able to get in because of these 50, 60 and 70- mile-per-hour winds and we had a lot of rain last season. there's a lot of fuel in these zones causing a lot of problems. s in very -- it's just compelling when you see stuff like that because there's not much -- i mean, i always say california, the whole thing with california, it's earthquakes, fire and water. that's how it's been since the spanish were here. that's how it was when the
5:53 pm
indians were here. it's fire, earthquakes and water. we have drought. we have our fires. we are always talking about earthquakes. it's just -- it just doesn't go away and it never will go away. this is one of those things. as we have more people grow into these urban and rural area interfaces like we are seeing. we're talking about an urban- rural interface with this fire in ventura. here is the your freeze warning in the north bay. there's overnight lows forecast. it's definitely going to be chilly. it's going to stay dry for awhile. that's one of the biggest fires that i've seen in a long time that that has -- it did that thing like at coffey park where it just flared out into an urban area and you can see we have neighborhoods now if you saw this morning and saw some of those pictures that it looks very similar to that. i've got to tell you that's a new thing. that's not something that we see a lot of. >> what do you mean?
5:54 pm
>> just that the fire is getting out of the rural environment and moving down into neighborhoods and that's a function of the winds have always been there, the fuels have always been there, but it's a function of more people in california building. the pioneers didn't build in canyons. they didn't build on ridge lines. we've gotten away with it for 100 years, but now it shall these fires -- this has been going on in california history since the beginning of time and we just happen to be more and more of us here building and unfortunately being in these areas that are prone to some of these things. >> 50,000 acres, zero containment and now it looks like hundreds and hundreds of homes. >> i worry you guys because the winds don't die tonight. >> thank you, bill. coming up in minutes new at 6:00, more concerns about b.a.r.t.'s new b.a.r.t. new -- b.a.r.t. new feature. the breaking news, those devastating wildfires burning in southern california and the
5:55 pm
news that is just coming in now that hundreds more homes have been -- how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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5:57 pm
today was supposed to be moving day for homeless people in oakland that the city just opened, but despite the recent cold nights, it appears many homeless people haven't warmed up to the idea of moving. >> here in west oakland amid
5:58 pm
the tents and sidewalk encamplets, the city's -- encampments, the city opened shelters opened up. it's on a vacant lot available to anyone camping nearby. on this first day to move in, just one person took advantage. that new resident wouldn't talk to us, but the site manager said the man had been living in a tent for at least a year. >> just ready to get off the street. that idea of getting out of the tent and he said it looked promising and he'd try it out. >> they estimate full capacity in a few weeks. >> we didn't expect people to come beating down the doors necessarily. it's a new thing. >> it will take convincing for homeless outreach workers to get people out of their tents. >> it was freezing last night. >> this homeless man says he's on the fence about moving in. >> i don't like people telling me what to do, where to go or having to check in. >> on the plus side --
5:59 pm
>> it's cool when you get out of the rain. it's like it's a transitional thing. >>ed shed shelters are insurance -- the shed shelters are insulated, but not heated. there's a host of counselors that can direct them to programs. >> this is a way to shift people into something a little better to prepare them to move into permanent, affordable housing. that's the goal here. >> some neighbors are skeptical. >> i wish there could be something better to accommodate those that are homeless and to address the issues of their lives. >> there's a whole spectrum of things that we're doing. >> the city of oakland hopes to clear out these camps and clean up the sidewalks by christmas and it hopes to open another set of sheds by early next year. in oakland, rob brock, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. breaking news out of southern california where fierce santa ana winds are fueling several destructive wildfires.
6:00 pm
conditions are very similar to those during the deadly north bay firestorm in october. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. governor brown has declared a state of emergency in ventura county where at least 150 homes have burned. they suspect hundreds more have burned. the most damaging fire is thomas fire. it happened last night at 6:30 and has burned between 60,000 acres and crews are battling two fires in los angeles county. the creek fire has burned 11,000 acres in san fernando valley and the rye fire has consumed about 5,000 acres knee castaic. >> i want to who he you live pictures from -- show you live pictures from ventura county. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour are fanning the flames in the thomas fire. it exploded overnight and, again, one of the key head lines tonight is it now looks like hundreds and hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the thomas fire. >> so far, there is no word of any word of loss of


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